NCDC’s city rangers to undergo police training

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 THE National Capital District Commission is giving its controversial Port Moresby city rangers the same training as police officers receive.

Speaking at the launch of the NCDC enforcement unit, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said they would be “directly under the litter inspection division, which will see them go for six months training at Bomana Police College and graduate as reserve police officers”.

“They are a necessary part of ensuring that our city is rid of litter and rubbish, which is using a lot of taxpayers’ money that is supposed to be used fruitfully for education and health services,” Parkop said.

“They will be enforcing the litter laws and regulations now in a more professional and trained manner. 

“Their training will be able to boost police operations to in the city.”

Parkop said the city rangers would remain until people changed their attitude towards basic hygiene and creating conducive environment within the city.

“They will not suppress the vendors and their functions will help the NCDC save money for other services the people need. 

“We waste a lot of money day in day out on just cleaning the streets, especially because of the use and sale of betel nuts in public areas.

“The betel nut vendors don’t pay any tax to the government yet the people are paying tax just to clean up their mess.

“This daily trend must be eliminated because Port Moresby will become another hotspot for big gatherings, especially with the 2015 Pacific Games.

“It would be proper for us to have a clean and hygienic environment for everyone, especially tourists coming in,” he said.