NCDC to give settlers land titles at Gerehu


PEOPLE from Western and Gulf evicted from Paga Hill and resettled at Gerehu Stage 7 will be given land titles, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says.
Parkop said they were evicted by the National Capital District Commission to make way for the Paga Hill Ring Road. “We resettled them at Gerehu Stage 7 and also gave them allotments after surveying the land,” he said.
“However, we have not given them  the land titles yet.
“This is something the (Lands) minister and I will sort out with the acting secretary.”
Parkop said once the settlers were given titles, they would be connected to basic amenities.
“We are already providing them some basic amenities but they also need titles so that they have security.”
Meanwhile, Parkop assured those settlers living at 6-Mile ,who were also evicted by Paga Hill Holdings, that the commission would assist them. “You will be given the titles,” he said.
“With the title, you have security. You can get a mortgage and build much better homes than what you lived in at Paga Hill,” he said.
“I want our people who moved out from Paga Hill to know that we are committed to giving them a better future.”

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