NCDC in need of new, vibrant city manager

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 CONGRATULATIONS   Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for cracking the whip on non-performing and stagnant ministers in the government. 

He has also hinted that he will do the same on corrupt public servants who are implementers of the government’s multi-billion kina annual budgets. 

One such state agency that he must now crack the whip on is the NCDC. 

The current city administration has been occupying his position for the last nine years. 

Obviously, he has lost focus and direction, and is not proactive in addressing development and service delivery issues in Port Moresby. 

I wish to highlight the following  areas  of failures: 

  • Staff morale is very low  due  to  inefficient management and leadership with no scrutiny of staff attendance or performance (and they still collect pay);
  • Anyone (deputy city managers, directors, divisional managers, project officers)  seems  to be able to execute contracts for goods and services, with no proper coordination that results in financial abuse, theft and bribery;
  • The health inspection is non-existent, so companies and individuals are disposing wastes however they please which  poses  a  grave  health risk for city residents; and, 
  • Nepotism and wantokism are rife with almost all positions within the management being filled by people from one particular province where the city manager hails from.

I appeal to O’Neill and the NEC to appoint a vibrant, dynamic person as the new city manager to revitalise the city hall and restore credibility to the NCDC. 


NCDC insider

Port Moresby