NCDC must resolve raw sewage woes urgently

Letters, Normal

GORDON is a major health risk to thousands of school children, families of the Gordon police barracks and the public.
The following areas have raw sewerage running onto the main streets for months, creating a foul smell:
* Andakelka property along Waigani Drive: This property has a sewage problem with raw sewerage running into the main drain next to NCDC for years and now it is overflowing to the main road. The property owners and NCDC must immediately fix the problem. It is a disgrace;
* Kennedy Road, Gordon High School: Raw sewerage has been flowing into the main drain along the Gordon High School and police barracks for many months now and it is affecting the school children, staff, policemen and their families and the public. This problem must be attended to immediately; and
* Ume Street Gordon Industrial area: Raw sewerage is overflowing onto the main road causing pot holes and foul smell for the public. There is a big pool of sewerage right in the middle of the street and every motorist driving through this street must “take a dip” because it is unavoidable.
I am so shocked as the above health problems have been existing for months but neither the property owners nor business owners have done anything to eradicate this problem.
Where are the NCDC health inspectors? 
They must be blind and have lost their sense of smell altogether because the sewerage problem is not a new one. Worse, it is happening in front of the office yet nothing has been done.
I call on the governor and city manager to resolve the problem immediately.


Kames Kange
Port Moresby