NCDC: Report sale of stale food to us

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ANY complaints against food vendors or their products should be lodged immediately with the National Capital District health division, the city’s chief health surveyor Robin Yanopa said.
He said this after receiving reports that a resident had complained to the media about stomach pains after eating a stale pie, bought at one of the fast food shops on Wednesday.
“It is important that the subject person notify us immediately so our officers can be sent to inspect the particular food premise,” he said.
He said it was important to let the officers know as soon as possible because the longer the food item was kept, the worse it would become and it would also be unfair to the shop owner.  
Yanopa said the division did not carry out regular inspection on a daily basis as it was too costly but could assist upon complaints received. 
Self-employed Joe Robinson of Alotau realised he had purchased a stale pie for K3 from a fast food shop in Boroko after eating half of it.
He notified the sales assistant about the stale pie but had to wait for five minutes before the owner attended to him.
Robinson said the owner refused to refund his K3 or replace the pie because he had already eaten the pie.
“I want the public to be aware of this when purchasing foods at any fast food shops around the city.
“Some of the food sold are a day or two old and warmed to be resold the next day,” he said.