NCDC suspends 57 personnel

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AN entire division of the National Capital District Commission, from the manager down, has been served with suspension notices last Thursday under directions of Governor Powes Parkop.
A total of 57 security personnel employed under the internal security hotline were served with mass suspension letters that left them shocked and at a loss about what wrongs they did to warrant such drastic disciplinary punishment.
According to a spokes-person of the group, the manner in which the suspensions were carried out was “very unprofessional” and the reason unfounded”.
City manager Leslie  Alu was out of the country when the suspensions were issued, however, his office said Mr Alu was “not aware” of the suspensions therefore would not comment.
Mr Parkop could not be reached for comment as he was out of the office.
The suspension of the 57 personnel came as they were about to receive their outstanding shift allowances.
This payment was halted after Mr Alu received an email from the governor instructing him to halt the payments, the suspended workers claim.
In pursuing the matter, the personnel went to the governor’s office last Tuesday to enquire.
In response, Mr Parkop, who was about to leave for  Parliament, said the allowances were halted because the workers were not entitled to it as they were supposed to be suspended earlier but Mr Alu was the one that kept them.
“We have been working here for almost 12 years and this abrupt and unfounded manner in which the governor has taken to suspend us is undignified,” the spokesperson said.
“The governor has no right to order the suspension and to interfere in administrative process, let him concentrate on politics,” he continued.
The suspended workers included a manager, coordinator operations, senior officers, radio operators, drivers and security personnel.
They have been given seven days to respond to the suspension notice.
However, the spokesman said they were at a loss about what to do next because most were family men.