NCDC should take over transport system


I WISH to say something here regarding the public transport system in our nation’s capital.
As a regular traveler to our city, I travel in PMV buses.
I have observed and many times get frustrated over the following:

  • Buses not completing the route;
  • charging high fares for short distance;
  • no comfort with some seats falling off, especially in the middle row;
  • interior of the buses is filthy and smelly;
  • no control over smokers; and,
  • Bush knives are tucked under or on the seat which the bus crew sits. I witnessed once, how a crew pulled out the knife from under his seat, and landed it on a passenger’s hand.

The driver took off immediately after that at the 3-Mile Hospital bus stop.
Police were in time, picked the passenger up and chased the PMV.
I want to say that private PMV buses provide a very bad service and are unprofessional.
National Capital District Commission must take over the public transport system.
The NCDC will provide a better service.

Frustrated traveler

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