NCDC to address waste issues

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The National, Thursday 23rd May 2013


THE National Capital District Commission (NCDC) views waste management as a pressing issue which is not supported by a national legislative framework and policy.

Acting city manager Leslie Alu revealed this during the start of a two-day workshop on the National Capital District’s (NCD) waste policy implementation draft policy.

He said the management of waste was being conducted below accepted international practices placing a considerable burden on the NCDC’s capacities and resources. 

“I am most relieved and of the firm view that this draft policy is extensive and comprehensive to addressing this issue in the city. 

“I am told that the policy provides supportive institutional and organisational frameworks to help the commission cope with uncertainty, rapid change and the need for decisions concerning waste management in NCD,” Alu said. 

He said NCDC was working with the Environment and Conservation Department to ban the use of plastic bags and introduce bio-degradable bags. 

He said a new contractor would regularly collect garbage from various areas.  

The urbanisation growth in NCD has generated huge volumes of waste leaving NCDC with the responsibility of managing the waste and protecting public health and the environment.