NCSL introducing debit cards


THE Nasfund Savings and Loans Society (NCSL) expects to launch a debit card on June 14, says general manager Vari Lahui.
Lahui said they had already ordered 45,000 cards and brought in 200 terminals for distribution.
“There is configuration of the systems going on at the moment. At the same time, there is work going on for NCSL to connect to retail service driven by the Central Bank,” he said.
Lahui said they were encouraging members to apply for the NCSL transaction accounts.
“Our debit card will be linked to the NCSL transaction account which will be separate from the general savings account, education and the kids’ savings account.
“When you have your debit card you can do your shopping at the supermarket.” Lahui said they had spoken to major shops in Port Moresby such as City Pharmacy and Brian Bell and would also talk to merchants in Lae and Kokopo for the roll-out of the debit card product.
He said members could remit their salary using the NCSL transaction account and then use their debit card to make transactions, shopping, and also with cash.