NDBI seeks permission for food cart operations

The National, Thursday July 14th, 2016

THE National Development Bank Investment will get permission from the various town authorities to allow locals to operate their food carts Mealz on Wheelz in their municipalities.
Chief executive officer Des Yaninen said this was to enable the food cart operators, clients of the bank, to conduct their businesses in their towns and cities.
The NDBI said they would needed licences on trading and health from the town authorities.
Yaninen said the NDBI had already sought approval and authority from the National Capital District Commission. But he warned that the profitability of the Mealz on Wheelz business would depend on the locations when the businesses would operate from.
“This depends obviously on location,” he said.
“The strategy that we have is that we have spoken with NCDC who will be giving us exclusive trading licenses over many locations in Port Moresby.
“We are looking at between 500 to 100 exclusive locations where you can operate from.”
The cart contains a microwave, frying equipment, gas bottle and a generator for the refrigerator.
“We assure you that this business is profitable if you operate it right, and have the commitment and discipline,” Yaninen said.