N’dranou recognised for 30 years of service with police

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NATIONAL Capital District Metro Supt Perou N’dranou has been recognised for his 30 years of service to the country as a police officer.
He was among the 58 people who were presented medals by Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae during an investiture ceremony at Government House yesterday.
The 58 were part of the 89 recipients of the Independence anniversary Logohu award.
N’dranou said he was happy to be recognised although it should have been done earlier.
“I thought I deserved a medal earlier.
“But to receive it now is a reconciliation to what I’m doing and I am grateful,” N’dranou said.
“I have served PNG with pride and honour for 30 years and I deserve this medal.
“I thank those who nominated me last year for the award.”
He said many police officers who had served for more than 15 years as police officers should also be recognised for their service.
“It’s unfortunate many police officers have missed out.
“My challenge to the management is to ensure that there’s a good criteria to ensure that those who serve more than 15 years are recognised for their services.”

One thought on “N’dranou recognised for 30 years of service with police

  • Please help me understand this……is this for personnel in urban areas only? I have been witnessing other ranks who are working tirelessly to minimise law & order in rural areas. Can they also be recognised. Some have worked for over 30 years as well and the community that are working speak highly of them.

    Please luk save to lon ol..

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