Nebilyer shows the way

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013

 THE Tilga Waliya Yame Development Association in Nebilyer, Western Highlands, paid K30,000 as survey fee to PNG Power last Friday to connect power to their village.

Association president Simon Aik presented the cheque to PNG Power Mt Hagen centre manager Pulman Tirang.

“We have to take the initiative to help the people and that is one of the objectives of the association,” Aik said.

“We must not wait for a one-way traffic, and that is to wait on the government.”

Aik said the power project would start at Paipkolato to Kumbu which is 5.2km.

Tirang said the money would be used for vehicle hire, transport and other purposes to do the survey.

He described it as a first of its kind for an association to fund a community project.

“I want to thank the executive of the association and the members for achieving your goals,” Tirang said.

He said his men would begin the survey soon.

The association has also built a 5km road linking Kumbu village and the Highlands Highway at Tapalga, leading to Southern Highlands and Hela.

It also paid for the upgrading of Humbul aid post into a sub-health centre.

The association also paid the salaries of health workers who were recently registered on the Government’s payroll. 

The association also paid for the construction of the 15m Bailey bridge at Pup River.