NEC appoints Manam Resettlement Authority chairman


THE National Executive Council (NAC) has finally appointed the chairman of the Manam Resettlement Authority – a major step towards a resettlement programme.
Inter-Government Relations Minister Kevin Isifu said the appointment, yet to be made public, was done by the council chaired by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
“The appointment was the composition of the board as per the MRA Act,” he said.
Isifu said the announcement of the appointed chairman would be made public soon.
Manam people’s stern appeal to the government was to fast track the appointment so that they could be resettled soon.
They have been living in care centres for nearly 15 years and have struggled for survival on land in which they are unable to grow cash crops or make big gardens to meet their needs.
Dugulava ward councillor Paul Maburau said many Manam people were killed during land disputes after they were evacuated to Bogia.
Maburau said the 2010 cholera outbreak claimed several lives which was too much for the affected people. Iabu LLG president Kenny Boli said the step which the government had taken to appoint the chairman of the MRA board was a milestone.
Boli thanked the government and was looking forward to its support for the islanders. However, it is understood that the Government is yet to fulfil its promise to provide a funding of K3 million.