NEC approves new LLGs

National, Normal

The National, Friday 26th April 2013


LOCAL level government (LLG) numbers and wards have increased with new LLGs approved by the National Executive Council.

This was confirmed by the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs yesterday. 

It said that currently, there are 313 LLGs in the country and with more than 6,138 wards.

The instruments of the extension of boundaries submitted by NEC were signed by Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio earlier this year and the confirmation was delivered to the department last week.

The increased numbers and names of LLGs and wards will be further confirmed with the Electoral Commission in preparations for the LLG elections in June.

Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen said recently that numbers and names of LLGs and wards must be finalised and confirmed for the election writs to be signed and issued correctly by the minister.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission will be conducting a youth awareness festival in Lae, Morobe, next month.

This is a major event aimed at educating and preparing youth groups for the LLG elections and coordinators are looking to involve mostly secondary school students and the various groups in Morobe.

Some of the issues that will be outlined in the two-day youth awareness festival include leadership, good governance and the type of leadership qualities they should identify with candidates.