NEC to review organic law for lower-tier governments

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 2nd, 2013

 THE National Executive Council has agreed to review the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments (OLPGLLG) that will improve basic service delivery to the people. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Inter-government Relation Leo Dion said that K5 million was allocated for the review, which would be administered by the Constitutional Law Reform Commission.

He said anomalies encountered under the OLPGLLG would identified and options considered for a new law to minimise corrupt practices and complement administrative responsibilities to give leaders clear political responsibilities. 

Dion said the existing law had been ineffective in terms of reflecting the demands of the people, their elected representatives and the basic needs of the society. 

“The OLPGLGG has been rendered almost ineffective from the start since it depended on the enactment of a large number of enabling laws which unfortunately were not passsed by the parliament over the years,” Dion said.

“The law has not clearly articulated the issue of decentralisation and has not been able to demarcate the roles and responsibilities of each level of government,” he said.

“And most critical was the working system of Government and administration within the three-tier of government has overtaken the primary goal of effective service delivery to the people. The endeavour to undertake this review is to ensure that anomalies encountered under the OLPGLLGs are identified and new options and approaches are considered.

Consultation would be held with the public and stakeholders to discuss important areas of decentralisation, autonomy and taxations.