Need for teachers college


PAPUA New Guinea (PNG) is in dire need of an early childhood training college for teachers in line with the Government’s initiative to bring back standards-based education in 2020, Waigani Christian College founding director Benjamin Mul says.
Mul said according to records, many preschool and kindergarten teachers nationwide were recruited from other training levels.
“Pre-school teachers need training, they train to understand the learning development of a child because it is not easy to understand a child’s growing brain,” he said.
“PNG has no college to train such qualified teaches who should be skilled to look after the little children and day care,” he said.
“When the government removes elementary level of education, then early learning of students can be taught to be the teachers from upper levels because they have to be trained in special knowledge and skills on how to handle children.
“When parents leave home for work daily, children face a lot of challenges such as mind battling and new environment to accept everything they are taught.
“I have been running pre-school education for 25 years and I know how it is to deal with growing children.
“You need to be skilled and knowledgeable in minding children, not just a teacher but to play the role of parents as well,” he said.