Need to upgrade water billing system


The current water billing system used by Eda Ranu is arbitrary and unreliable.
It is arbitrary because it is not based on actual volume of water used by customers.
It is unreliable because Eda Ranu does not collect the full monetary value of actual volume of water used by consumers.
At present water, users are billed monthly based on the previous month’s estimated bill or on the basis of whether a dwelling is high covenant or low covenant, or on some other factors.
Strictly, a water bill must be based on the actual volume of water consumed, and should not be based on consumption estimates or some other factor.
Eda Ranu must quickly roll out the Easipay-type water payment system in Port Moresby.
This will replace the current arbitrary and unreliable water billing system.
Otherwise, a more-reliable alternative billing system must be introduced in the city.

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