Neither Agiru nor SHPG has shown concern for students

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, June 9th 2011

Students from the “LNG pro­ject areas” in Southern Highlands attending tertiary institutions are disappointed the provincial go­vernment is not assisting them by subsidising their school fees.
Neither Governor Anderson Agi­ru’s office nor the SHPG has bothered despite our pleas for aid.
This confirms our fears about their ignorance in developing the province’s human resource.
Providing education is not only a basic right for every child in SHP or PNG but throughout the world.
Students today will form the backbone of SHP in future.
However, their inaction is not a surprise, especially if you are a Southern Highlander reading this.
Is this because of our attitude – “What you have or your wealth must not be shared among others because they will make you suffer in the end”?