Nek Bilong Pipol


Well played Marape

I CONGRATULATE James Marape, Member for Tari Pori in being appointed or elected as our new Prime Minister by absolute majority with 101 votes.
I commend and praise Marape for his bold move from the start in destabilising the former PM Peter O’Neill’s leadership and power in Government by him pulling out from the government to the Opposition and which other MPs from Government follow suit in the main aim of forming an alternative government from the opposition by introducing VoNC against O’Neill.
From my own observation, Marape intelligently played a smart political game in making himself a prime minister with the slogan “Take back PNG” from the Opposition when in the Laguna camp over the last two weeks leading up to him being voted as prime minister.
This went unnoticed by other MPs in Opposition.
He truly is a smart, clever and intelligent young politician.
In other words, Marape’s election as prime minister was truly achieved by his own smart clever and intelligent political game which I admire.

Mirap Mulap
4mile, Boroko-NCD

Spiritual vision

I CONGRATULATE James Marape for his spiritual vision as a conductor of a choir group as a guidance from above that have been long in waiting to be fulfilled for all loving people of the beautiful country of ours.
As long a Jesus is the captain of the ship, you will lead this country to a new era where the rich don’t get richer and the poor get poorer anymore.

Bob, Via email
Ramu Valley

Give enough support

THE political turmoil finally come to an end now.
People of this country should be happy and never sad.
The cries of different voices makes our leader’s sleepless, under-pressure, headache, unstable, restless.
They (MPs) have been through a lot and finally made it.
I hope they give enough support to James Marape so he can carry out his work effectively.
It’s time to put aside political differences and conflicts so our country can be on a smooth run.
Marape please change the past and look into the future of our country and the direction it is going.
May the good Lord bless our future, one people, one nation and one country?

Jonathan Mok,

The country is watching

I CONGRATULATE James Marape for the victory to become PNG’s 8th prime minister.
It was a well-orchestrated move the way it was executed.
Unappreciative of his actions.
He was so desperate to become Prime Minister, first of all by defecting PNC Party to Opposition.
From Opposition, Patrick Pruaitch was nominated alternative prime minister after secret ballot voting, but that did not go down well with Marape and his team.
He still thought in his heart that since he broke government ranks he would have been voted as alternative prime minister.
But, the secret ballot voting speaks otherwise.
If Peter O’Neill did not withdraw his candidacy in the floor of Parliament when nominated, Parliament would have three candidates for prime minister with elimination of candidate with lowest number and then final two.
Results would have been different.
O’Neill did the brilliant thing by withdrawing his candidacy after Opposition nominated Sir Mekere Morauta as their second candidate resulting in Marape’s victory.
But, the whole idea is the move orchestrated by Marape which I believe did not go down well with some of us Papua New Guineans because it was like he was betraying O’Neill to become prime minister himself.
And I wonder what recovery strategies the new prime minster will use to turn the economy of PNG around in just two years.
Papua New Guineans will be watching.
Two years is not far from 2022 elections.


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