Nek Bilong Pipol


Right on time

Hey, my brother, right on time!
Some 30 years ago, I did not know that I was sharing a dorm room, a desk and a classroom with a future Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.
We even shared kaukau (sweet potato) together.
After going on our own separate ways to different national high schools we still got in touched with each other through written mails.
Back in the day I did not know that my best friend would be the PNG’s 8th Prime Minister.
Last time we met it was brief, during the officiating of the Madang’s four lane road when you were Finance Minister early this year.
In your next trip to Madang in your official duty please inform me, I have a Madang bilum as a token of honour to you my beloved brother.
I believe God appointed you for the people’s sake.
Therefore, continue to honour Creator and Living God.
Lastly, continue to put God first, others (including your wife and children) second and yourself last as you always do.
I will continue to remember you in all my prayers.

Simeon Dikama
Elder_Danaru SDA church

Fighting corruption

IT is good to hear Prime Minister James Marape has vowed to fight corruption by taking the “bull by its horn” to weed it from the pinnacle to the bottom of the government’s value chain of procurement and delivery of goods and services.
The cost and the price of corruption is really burdening the economy from all wastage which would otherwise have been put into good use to deliver value money for goods and services for its citizens to enjoy a better quality of life and a better standard of living .
Mr Prime Minister, we salute you for undertaking to introduce ICAC law and remove all forms brides that has been prevalent in the procurement of goods and services.
In the past 20 months, some of your caretaker ministers may have been entangled in that trade of systematic corruption and you already know who is who from the ministerial level to department heads and CEOs of state agencies and business as a former serving cabinet minister .
It is better to reshuffle and decommission some and bring new ones in so they do not go back to their old drinking wells.


Land rights issue

JAMES Marape, your election as the Prime Minister comes at a time when customary landowners are fighting their land rights continuously for spin off benefits and beneficial sharing, but are deprived for any such claims.
Prime Minister, it’s time now you call the foreign investors and those involved in the judiciary to respect the natural laws of this country as you can see the people of Ramu valley have suffered since 1991.

Mangi Savitre,
Ramu valley

Leave Lands Dept with JT

I URGE Prime Minister James Marape to give the Lands Ministry portfolio to Justin Tkatchenko because over the few years he has dramatically done a wonderful and marvellous job in weeding out corruption in the department.
There are no other capable leader who can outperform what Justin has done in the department.
There are some important task which he has to complete according to the department’s vision which he has set and allow him to complete that with the remaining two nears.

Anti-Corruption Activist.
Nick Tyson Bota,

So much is expected

NOW that we have a new Prime Minister, the country’s thirst for the new leader has been quenched.
So much is expected of him and the country is quite optimistic about a bright future.
Every person is heard hurling something good about him which is good. Such messages are as good as cold water running down a thirsty throat.
From my view PM James Marape is a good leader and will do something better for the country.
However, he must now know that there’s a burden much weightier being put on his shoulder and I encourage him to champion that giant without languishing. An intrigued nation is looking on you.
She believes you will redeem her from a countless number of domestic issues that have shattered her livelihood from the careless decisions of the previous leaders.
From what can be seen and discerned, this country is desperately needing restoration of justice, true democracy, a stabilised economy, improved health services, transparency and eradication of poverty and illiteracy.
For the last eight years we were led into the lion’s den to be devoured.
However, at the turn of the country’s political event, the change of a leader was quite relieving and in fact the hope of the people restored.
Now that the rod of leadership is in your hands, I implore you to resurrect any cases were justice has been withheld or denied by the cunning, to be made afresh, served and allow the light of truth to shine forth.
If you allow justice to pave its way out of this gloom, the people will rejoice and most of all your God will be pleased and this nation under your ruling will never cease to rejoice.
Let me remind you my honourable Prime Minister James Marape, above everything else you will do, never forget to rule with justice over the very people whom you are charged to take care of because God is with them.
When treat them unjustly God will remove that rod in your hands and you will reign no more.
If you are for the people, God is with you- never forget that!
The son of Hela and Papua New Guinea, your true patriotic nature and your glowing character is a blessing to this nation and we all anticipate to see this glorious dawn come tomorrow.

Tony Guan

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