Nelson wins Westpac WiB award

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 18th October, 2012

SUSIL Nelson, the manager for corporate governance in the PNG Sustainable Development Program (PNGSDP), last night won the Westpac Women in Business Award for 2012.
Nelson did not win her corporate category, that went to Florence Lou Willie, but she took the overall award from nine other finalists in five categories at the Gateway Hotel.
“I am humbled and at the same time excited to be in your midst to receive the Westpac Women in Business Awards,” a beaming Nelson said.
“I never thought I would win such an award, let alone be a finalist among such accomplished and inspiring women tonight.”
Nelson said she did not think she would win but later expressed her gratitude to everyone who had supported her and had faith in her.
Nelson was one of the two finalists in the PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards, along with Willie.
She said she believed in personal integrity.
She urged women who had the opportunity to be educated to have a sense of duty to care and empower, set an example, mentor, inspire and motivate the next generation of Papua New Guineans to be the best at what they did or wanted to achieve.
Nelson has volunteered her services to community organisations such as Business and Professional Women’s Club and Coalition for Change.
“I am inspired and motivated to know that contribution of my knowledge, skills and time is changing a woman’s life for the better,” she said.
Winners of the five categories:
Eleina Butuna won the Steamship Public Sector Award;
Helam Koaik won the SP Brewery Entrepreneur Award;
Naime Tom won the IBBM Young Achiever’s Award;
Mary Pohei won the Trukai Community Responsibility Award; and
Florence Lou Willie won the PricewaterhouseCoopers Private and Corporate Sector Awards.