Netball hails Trans Pacific Cup


NETBALL Papua New Guinea president Julianne Leka-Maliaki has hailed the country’s hosting of the Trans Pacific Cup mixed and men’s netball three-match series in Port Moresby.
Leka-Maliaki praised PNG Mixed and Men’s Netball Association president Adam Parker for having the vision to commit to ensuring such a tournament got off the ground despite cultural and social barriers affecting the country.
“Having the mixed and men’s Trans Pacific Cup is an important part of the history of the country because it is the first time for us to host a tournament like this,” Leka-Maliaki said.
“Parker and his team worked entirely hard and had a vision to ensure such games took place.
“Netball is a traditionally seen as a women’s sport in the country and is one of the biggest women’s organisation in the country.
“For men to come out and take up netball shows that we are breaking social barriers and that men and women can work together in society now and in the future.”

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