Netball to be number one sport

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The National, Friday, June 3rd 2011

THE success of the Mrorbe women’s netball team in winning four consecutive gold medals at the PNG Games has seen the netballers in the province, calling for the game to be taken to the districts.
The code, not so popular in the province seems to have more hidden talents in villages and to scout for more players as well as promote the code and grow roots in rural villages, the Morobe Country Netball Championships is scheduled for June 23-26.
It will be held at Wampar local council station to select players for the PNG netball championships game in Port Moresby in September then on to the PNG Games next year.
Tournament director John Peka said that interested senior teams will pay an affiliation fee of K50 while junior teams are to pay K30.
Player registration, is set at K10 for seniors and K7 for juniors.
“Netballers from Lae and the nine districts in the province are welcome to expose their skills as they could be the ones to implement necessary skills trainings to promote the code in the districts,” Peka said.
“Historically though, Morobe has not particularly been a home to netball, however, we have won gold in four consecutive games since 2003 when PNG Games began.
“That is a very encouraging record for us,”  he said.
“This has proven that in Morobe, we have people with the talent, the skills and experience that can see netball become the leading female sport in the province.”