Never lose hope in job finding


CONGRATULATIONS to all the recent graduates on your achievements.
Your pain and sacrifice are not in vain.
It is indeed an exiting moment.
It is the time of celebrations and cheering up.
Some of you are fresh graduates while your other colleagues are getting an ice on the cake.
If you are a fresh graduate and planning for job search, I guess this piece of advice will be very helpful to you.
But for others who are engaged in the workforce already, hold it firm.
You are one in a million who is very fortunate.
We are living in a country where securing job after graduation is not a guarantee.
Graduating with flying colours does not mean that job will be easy to find.
Job search is another expensive exercise you are about to explore.
You are just joining the queues of others already there eagerly waiting to be served.
Some of you will be surprised to serve in organisations you never expected. Many of the things will not come the way you were dreaming and planning.
This is completely a new chapter of your life.
Expect the unexpected situations! You will definitely encounter many issues in the new environment.
Learn to be humble and accept challenges that confront you on a daily basis.
Being a student means you were still in the dream world. Coming out with bamboo on your hand completely means adventure to the real world.
Life out here is not the life you may have possibly thought and imagine.
If you are very fortunate to at least get a job; casual, part-time or permanent, good luck, this is your golden opportunity, please grab it with both hands.
Do not let go either in a formal or informal sector and also in a private or public sector.
Whatever earnings, big or small you make, budget it wisely.
How much you earn does not matters most, rather, how much you spend and where you spend does matters.
Do not mess it with alcohol, smoke or betel nut.
These are just liabilities in your budget.
There will be friends and foes coming looking for you. Expectations will be very high. Be the master over your life.
Four things you must possess and never forget in your life; your country (PNG), your job, your family and finally your Christian faith.
Final reminder; job search is an ongoing exercise.
Unemployment is very high.
Some will get it quickly in weeks, months or in a year time.
The unfortunate ones will be out of job for some donkey number of years.
You will scratch the scraps in all urban centres of PNG just to secure yourselves a job.
Never give up or loose hope. Always be persevered and be very optimistic.

Michael Otto Awaliye

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