Never stop believing in yourself


PEOPLE say when you fall you have to stand up and try again and that you never stop believing that one day you’ll achieve your dreams.
That is one of the reasons why the Member for Imbonggu Pila Niningi has never stopped contesting till he won in the 2017 national election.
He says he contested seven times before he won because he wanted change for his people, to ensure that they receive basic services and he never gave up his dreams of one day becoming a member of parliament and being his people’s voice.
“Still manda tembalgo (which means everything’s going to be okay in his local Imbonggu language). My people will be alright, this is my passion. I want to see that they are okay,” he says.
And since becoming an MP, Niningi has set out to achieve his dreams and hopes for his people. He is also the Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.
Under his leadership, the district has started building a community development center, a police station, and have moved the National Court to Walume district headquarters.
They have begun building feeder roads and bridges to help =people to stay connected and have access to government services.
They have also funded health centers among many other services that are now reaching the people in his electorate.
“That’s all I want, to see my people accessing better services like health care and law and order services.
“Seeing my people accessing this services it fills me with joy and pride and I am humbled to know that they believed in me and so I must serve them,” he said.
Niningi says that no matter what obstacles stand in your way, never lose sight of your dreams, and believe that one day you will achieve your dreams.
“I grew up in a place where there were villagers who had to get up in the early hours of the day and walk for miles to access government services.
“And that is why I was passionate about brining change to my people.
“I’ve started building feeder roads and bridges so that these people will have access to government services.
“As a lawyer I wanted to fight for the rights of my people, to see them benefit from government services, so I kept contesting till I won.
“And now I say ‘still manda tembalgo’ meaning everything will be okay now.”
“So if you have a dream, keep at it; it doesn’t matter how many times you fail or how many times you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself and go at it again till you achieve your dreams.
“I am now a politician, brining services to my people, things we once only hoped for like bridges and feeder roads and electricity, now, my people have access to all that and I am glad that I never gave up all those times when I lost the contest.
“My encouragement to everyone in the country is that you must always believe, God in his own timing will see you through.”
“He had a plan for me, and that is why I am who I am today.
“He gave me the strength to get up and contest again, every time I lost.
“Maybe because he knew my heart’s desire and that is why today, I am able to serve my people.”
Work on the Imbonggu District Hospital in Pokurapul and Konepond has already started and a police station will soon be built.
Imbonggu is also one of the first districts have the rural electrification programme.
Things are happening in Imbonngu all because one man had a passion and dream to help his people and never stopped believing that he’d achieve his dream one day.