New 6-Mile market will be opened next month: Parkop


THE new 6-Mile market in the National Capital District is expected to be opened next month, says Governor Powes Parkop.
The market will be for small-medium enterprises.
“We plan to open it by March,” Parkop said.
“It’s not a same type of market.
“It’s a different type of vendors so we need another type of management to mentor the SMEs so they can succeed.
“Patience is an important virtue in this regard.
“We did tender but was not impressed with the bids so we might reopen tender or have an interim management before we re-tender.”
Parkop had said earlier that the city commission wanted the market to be a real incubator for SMEs so it required good management.
On vendors selling in non-designated areas and were being chased by city authorities, Parkop said there was enough space at the Saraga and Gordon markets for them.
“As for the other vendors on the streets, they have no excuse,” he said.
“We have adequate space at Saraga and Gordon markets and they just don’t want to use these facilities.
“So we will continue to remove them off the streets.”