New access card from Telikom

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THOSE travelling overseas have been urged to purchase a Telikom Kumul universal access card at the international departure lounge, Jackson Airport, before leaving the country as it is universally accessible.
Telikom chief executive officer Peter Loko said this during the launching of the card at the departure lounge last week.
The card is the new global calling card that offers competitive call rates and longer talk-time to customers from overseas calling to PNG or else where.
The card is different from other Telikom phone cards because it has online membership option for customers to top up credits online to avoid the need of physical purchase of cards, can only be used overseas to call anywhere but not in PNG, credits can be transferred only between the cards and can be bought in PNG, nominated overseas retail-outlets and through credit card online.
National Airports Corporation general manager, Joseph Tupiri, said it was satisfying to see that Telikom PNG was into new technology to penetrate overseas market and he would like to see more improvement in communication technology.
The card gives customers more control over their call rates and it saves up to 80% of one’s telephone expenses, which is actually cost effective, Mr Loko said.
The card is useful especially for students studying overseas, working class, tourists, travelling executives and PNG citizens overseas.
The card was tested by joint owner of Sky Telikom, David Anderson, who called from Sydney, to officially launch the card.