New Act opposed


WHETHER I read a copy or not is insignificant.
The National Health Pandemic Act is itself a ramification of evil.
It has no basis, no data and no statistics to justify its existence.
It is unconstitutional already as it encroaches and denies application of the Public Finance Management Act.
It is unconstitutional already as it encroaches on our basic and qualified rights; alterations failed to comply with requirements of the constitution which requires different meetings of Parliament separated in time by at least two months.
What’s the rush here?
Is it because to meet the International Monetary Fund loan condition?
Wider consultation is needed here but denied.
Again there was no construed urgency or justification whatsoever as Parliament may have led to believe to use or abuse urgent alterations provisions of constitution.
Prime Minister James Marape’s tempt to explain only reveals more of his Government’s ill-fate behind this evil Act rather than ease to public mind.
Just like the Public Money Management Regularisation Act 2017 that was ruled unconstitutional in its entirety, this Act will follow suit in due course if only the Opposition, Ombudsman Commission and any member of parliament steps up now in Court.
I wish I have locus standi and money to do it individually.
It’s a draconian law without basis and justification.
If this was happening during our university days, the government would be in fire by now.
We cannot be living in a fool’s paradise in this time and age.
Is it the Mossad, Chinese, ASIO, CIA, Economic Hitman of the IMF/WB who is luring you or all of the above?

Cyril Gare, Via email


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