New ambulance but no roads


LAST year Telefomin MP Solan Mirisim bought two Land Cruisers in Madang and took them to Telefomin.
One was given to Telefomin Hospital and the other to Telefomin Secondary School.
Fair enough, although the new road being built from Tabubil to Telefomin is yet to reach Telefomin.
Recently, Mirisim gave another K94,000 to Digicel to buy an ambulance (The National, Oct 26) to be used as a mobile clinic in Telefomin.
This does not make sense since there is no way you can go around helping sick people outside Telefomin station when there are no roads.
It was said that more than 25,000 people in the vicinity of Telefomin will be served by this service. Again how will this claimed be justified?
How good is the Telefomin Rural Hospital performing?
Will the mobile clinic provided by Digicel be free of charge or will it be another business scam to rob the people of Telefomin?
That money should have been spent on most-needed services such as the construction of solar-powered aid posts with vaccine fridge or used to improve basic services at the Telefomin Rural Hospital itself.

Trangist Madfox

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