New books to allow dept to keep record


THE Department of Local Level Government Affairs has launched the Wards Record Books to keep an accurate register of people living in villages and rural areas.
Inter-Government Relations Minister Kevin Isifu said the books would keep the up-to-date record of people living in the wards and villages.
“I believe we will have very good data from this book so that we can budget and plan development well for people in the rural areas,” he said.
Finance Minister James Marape, who launched the book on behalf of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, said the Department of Inter-Government Relations maintained an important link between the central government and the sub-national governments.
“Your functions, innovations, drive to link us at the central government to the provinces will ensure that 85 per cent of Papua New Guineans come to speed
with what is happening and what they rightful deserve as far as receiving goods and services are concerned,” Marape said during the launch.
“Organisations like yourselves must not feel left on the side.
“This is an important step because it links the individual citizen in every pocket of society and more importantly take account of every citizen in this country.
“I wish you all for the best as you put this book to good use to ensure that all people in this country are made to account.”

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