New bookshop opens in Vision City

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The National, Monday 19th December 2011

LUCKY shoppers at the Star News Link bookshop will today receive discounts to all story books, 2012 diaries and reference books.
The bookshop, loca­ted at Vision City’s first floor, will have on its shelves novels, reference books, cook books, text books, stationery and  children’s books.
A Star Plus Ltd re­presentative said there would be a 10% discount on all 2012 diaries, 20% discount on all story, cook and selected reference books.
In addition, the bookshop will have local music, magazines and educational CDs.
“News Link is the first book shop in Vision City and we’re excited about it,” the spokesman said.
The bookshop is expecting a greater variety of books to be shipped in and all that should be on the shelves soon. That would gi­ve its shoppers far more options to choose from.
The bookshop will be joining the RH loyalty programme “Wantok Reward” to reward its shoppers.