New bridge for Jiwaka, WHP border

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The National, Friday 26th April 2013


THE 25,000 people living at Ramba Rot, on the border of Western Highlands and Anglimp in Jiwaka, will soon enjoy a new bridge built over the Lel River.

The bridge was washed during a flood in 2011. 

It caused a lot of inconvenience for members of the Roni, Kaulga, Nopka, Dena, Mogeand  Kopi tribes residing at Wurup, Polga and Kaip in the Anglimp LLG, Jiwaka and Ramba Rot in Mt Hagen.

Treasurer Don Polye had promised them in 2011 that he would help in the building of a new bridge.

The Anglimp Students Association then took the initiative to follow up on Polye’s commitment. 

Last week they watched equipment and bulldozers moved to the site to begin the construction.

People use tyre tubes to cross the river. Anglimp student’s association president Jackson Polly said one of the aims of the student body was to bring services to the people at home.

“This bridge is the lifeline for the people and I want to thank Treasurer Don Polye and his T.H.E Party for fulfilling the party’s bottom-up policy.

“More than 25,000 people have been suffering because their only bridge was washed away, making their lives miserable,” he said.

Polly said the Works department in Mt Hagen had been engaged to build a strong and quality bridge.