New bridges put in place

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THE Hewa-Paiela people in Enga province held a two-day celebration prior to the opening of two new iron bridges on Monday.
The two transpanel bridges, costing K3.6 million, replaced the old wooden Julina and Yambale bridges that were washed away in 1994 after heavy rain in the area.
Porgera Development Authority (PDA) general manager Lionel de Silva, who supervised assembling and construction, said transpanel bridges were ideal for the area.
Mr de Silva said these bridges, which took two months to construct, would last for a long time and would not bend when vehicles bumped into them.
He said even the flood would not wash it away adding that the metal frames are very thick and heavy to withstand external forces.
Mr de Silva said the constructions were funded by the PDA from its special support grant from the Government and some funding from internal revenue.
He said this was a big relief for the 16,000 people of Hewa-Paiela who used to walk 14km to the other side of the Julina River  Paiela.