New Britain provincial seats ready for counting

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The National, Thursday 05th July, 2012

MOST ballot boxes for the East New Britain provincial seat have been airlifted from Pomio electorate and are being held at Kokopo, ready for counting on Monday.
Only two more boxes will be completed today.
Pomio district returning officer Nyros Aume said Team One was conducting polling for the wards of Olaipun and Sali in Central Inland Pomio local level government, and was expected to complete it by today.
Counting for the provincial seat will take place at the Ulapia Chanel College in Kokopo.
Counting areas for Kokopo are Vunapope Diocesan hall, Rabaul, Maltech Secondary school hall, Gazelle,  Kairak centre at Vudal and Pomio at
West Pomio Mamusi LLG chambers.
The respective ballot boxes were safely secured at the respective district police stations.
Aume said the rest of the ballot boxes were locked up at the Palmalmal centre awaiting counting, which is scheduled for Saturday
He said of the 31 boxes for the regional seat, and others for the open electorate that had been completed, some were almost empty as some people had refused to vote while others did not have names on the electoral ward rolls.
Aume said there were many differences this year with names missing and people
silently demonstrating that they were fed up with empty promises from leaders who did not deliver when elected into office by boycotting polling in their wards.