New cases: One woman killed, one tortured in public

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POLICE in Lae are appealing to the public for information which may lead to the arrest of those involved in sorcery-related killings.
Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr, pictured, said police needed public assistance to investigate sorcery-related cases.
The most recent cases were of a woman who was killed and another kidnapped and tortured in public in daylight.
“Sorcery cases are very difficult to prove,” Wagambie said.
“How do you know that as person killed or injured is a sorcerer? How can you tell that a person had died of sorcery?
“It could be a medical problem.
“It is a problem we are facing in our communities so the public must be aware of it. This is willful murder and unlawful wounding as far as I’m concerned. These are criminal offences. If there are such cases in the community, there are community leaders there to provide mediation in the first instance. Police will attend if things don’t work out. Witnesses must come forward with information. Police will arrest people who kill other people or wound them over sorcery allegations.”