New chairman elected by landowners


LANDOWNERS of the Mt Tundaka mining exploration area in Enga have elected new association chairmen of the umbrella association who was sworn in on Monday.
Association chairman Bush Lynn was officially declared and sworn in by Southern Highlands senior provincial magistrate Edward Kupu in Mendi  infront of clan leaders and association chairman of the EL Area, south east of Porgera and Mt Kare.
The councillors, chief leaders and principal landowners gave their full authority to Lynn as their chairman and said any proposal for spin-off benefits, employment opportunities the EL 2351 area should be presented to the chairman.
Lynn said he was happy that the customary landowners, councillors and village leaders had confidence in him and given him the power to be their chairman.
“As the chairman I will be working closely with the people and from previous experience in other mining areas in the country, the appointment of associations and chairmen are important to prevent confusion and unnecessary paper landowners.
Mt Tundaka located in Upper Wage LLG in the Komo-Margarima district of Hela is believed to have large deposits of minerals, oil and gas.
The area is set for mining exploration by Pacific Petroleum Mineral Resource Ltd from Israel.