New church building to be opened in Milne Bay


A NEW United Reformed Church is soon to be completed and opened in Suau, Milne Bay.
“This is the fourth church to be built in the province and we are so proud of it,” Patrick Dien, a church member, said.
The church is funded by the government and congregation fundraising and it will be opened in April at Isuleilei village.
“It has taken us three years to build the church and the people are happy that it will soon be completed,” Dien said.
He said the Church had recently celebrated its 142nd anniversary last year and this is another call for a celebration.
“As a Christian, I am happy to see the number of church members increase in an area where cannibalism was once very common,” he said.
Dien explained that it was the arrival of the London Missionary Society (LMS) in Marlins harbour in 1976 that changed their ancestor’s lives and shaped their future.
“The LMS visited us and helped build the first church in our area in 1895 before moving on to Gabagaba and Rigo in Central,”said Dien.
He said the church later changed its name when the London Missionary Society and Commonwealth Missionary Society merged.
Minister in charge of the United Churches in Suau, Beati Levi says he is excited and looks forward to the opening of the new church.
The United Reformed Society first reached Milne Bay in 1975.