New citizen Fleming plans to continue contributing to PNG’s growth


Papua New Guinea has become a part of Robin Fleming’s life and career and being granted citizenship has obviously made him proud, the BSP chief executive said.
He said that the happy feeling is also shared by BSP Group chairman Sir Kostas Konstantinou who has also been granted dual citizenship.
“It is a great honour for Sir Kostas and I to be granted Papua New Guinea citizenship, and most especially to be among the first group of dual citizens,” Fleming said.
“Sir Kostas was born in Papua New Guinea and has lived all his life in Papua New Guinea. I have spent most of my career in Papua New Guinea, therefore it was only fitting that we should apply for Papua New Guinea citizenship as dual citizens to allow us both to have official recognition of the importance of Papua New Guinea in our lives and careers.
“Under the dual citizenship laws we cannot stand for election, hold public office or acquire freehold land, however, we are Papua New Guinea citizens in all other respects and will uphold the laws and constitution of Papua New Guinea, as well as continue to contribute positively to its development.
“The granting of dual citizenship means a lot to us personally and also for our families who have been most supportive of us during our careers.”
Fleming arrived in Port Moresby on January 30, 1980, on secondment from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to PNG Banking Corporation.
His first role was in internal audit and training at the Kimbe branch which had three expatriate on secondment and about 30 staff at the time.

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