New classroom opens

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 VAILALA Elementary Sch­ool in Kikori district, Gulf, has a new double classroom worth K250,000 – thanks to the Digicel Foundation.

The classroom was launched by the foundation’s Haro Gomara, witnessed by students, teachers and parents. 

This makes Vailala the first elementary school in Kikori and the fourth education project in Gulf funded by the foundation. 

The project included a double classroom with an office space, solar lighting, 20 desks, a 3000-litre water tank and two pit toilets. 

Since its launch in October, 2008, the foundation has funded 314 classrooms across 22 provinces, giving more than 6,000 children access to a better learning environment.

Foundation chief executive officer Beatrice Mahuru thanked the Vailala community for its support, saying: “I can’t thank the Vailala community enough for its partnership in this project. 

“It made its dinghies and best seafarers available to carry building materials across the rough Coral Sea and up the river. 

“It is through community ownership that ensures the school’s sustainability once we have built and moved away to the next project and I’d like to ask the community to continue to maintain the school for the present enrolment and the generations to come.” 

The foundation has funded 286 community-based projects so far covering 22 provinces and put K22.88 million back into marginalised communities.