New club for district

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 PEOPLE in Nondgul in Jiwaka will benefit from a new Rotary Club established by 16 members from New South Wales (NSW).

The club was announced during a meeting yesterday at Nondgul  by Andrian Roach from NSW  in front of newly appointed members.

The new members for the club will be sworn in early next year.

New club vice-president Paul Turn said it was a milestone development for the people of Jiwaka to have a new Rotary Club established there.

Turn commended Roach and his members for setting up the club.

He thanked the Jiwaka government for logistical support.

Turn said the club would benefit the people in terms of basic needs.

The club supplies health facilities to certain clinics and health centres, set up a library and supplied it with 2,000 books and gave 12 desktop computers to schools in Nondgul.

Turn  said they had been benefiting without a club being established in  Jiwaka.

“We hope the members will work with the club to bring in developments,” he said.