New computer laboratory a giant step for Kerevat

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The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

STUDENTS at Kerevat National High School in East New Britain are a giant step ahead of other students in the province with technology.
The students and the school administration happily opened the school’s new computer laboratory yesterday.
The new lab holds 40 computers and accessories worth of K110,000.
The computers were bought and brought in from Port Moresby as the Able Computing local branch could not supply that many computers.
The school principal Ray Rieme Alo while opening the lab yesterday said no student would miss out, adding every student in each class of 40 students would have access to a computer during computer lessons and ICT lessons.
The school’s IT teacher, Anthony Rayappan from India, said students streaming into ICT classes would have full-time access to the computers during the week.
Other students in six other classes will have a 55 minute class each week to use the computers apart from using them in their free time doing research work.
Rayappan said the lab would enhance learning opportunities for students through programs such Students Encarta, DVD Encarta Premium, Talis (Intranet), MS Office Video/Audio Tutorials.
The students will having power point lessons during their computer classes.
Another computer lab is waiting for installation.