New contractor needed

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MADANG acting administrator Clement Tare pleaded with human rights judge Justice David Cannings to give him a week to find a new contractor to work on feeder roads in Madang town.
Tare, who is one of the 17 respondents summoned to explain the bad road conditions in Madang town, appeared before Justice Cannings last Thursday.
Tare said he appreciated what the court was doing and that the appointed contractor failed to do the job.
According to the court orders last year, the Modilon Road was under the care of the Madang district government, the Madang provincial government was responsible for Madang town feeder roads and the Government would be responsible for the Beon and the North Coast roads.
Justice Cannings, when reading the orders again, told respondents present at court that nothing much had been done except for the Modilon Road.
“I have seen some changes taking place but not the feeder roads. I have yet to check the Beon Road,” he said.
Another respondent, Ramsy Pariwa, told the court that the Madang governor should be present to tell the court what he was doing, just as what Madang MP and Justice Minister Bryan Kramer had done in giving his evidence on the progress of the 5.2km Modilon Road. “The people of Madang need to know the governor’s stand to work on Madang town roads,” Pariwa said.
Justice Cannings said he would be flexible with the case.
He said he wanted everyone to work together.
Justice Cannings adjourned the case to tomorrow for all respondents to give an update on their findings as per his order last June 10.