New crimes need more attention, say police


HUMAN trafficking and people smuggling are crimes relatively new to the country which need attention, says police.
Donald Yamasombi is the new divisional police commander for the National Capital District and Central. He replaces Sylvester Kalaut.
Yamasombi said police detectives should be trained to investigate human trafficking and people smuggling cases and the relevant laws on such crimes.
“Unfortunately most of our investigators do not know anything about it,” he said. He called on the Department of Justice and Attorney-General to conduct awareness on those laws and other legislations being amended or incorporated into the criminal code for the benefit of those who were going to enforce the legislations.
“They are so many emerging crimes in country and we have passed legislations dealing with them – money laundering, counter-terrorism, human trafficking to name a few,” Yamasombi said.
“But the biggest is the awareness side of these legislations so that our policemen and women are fully conversant with the elements when it comes to implementing and enforcing the legislation.”