New customers making Telikom SIM registration easier


TELIKOM PNG says it is progressing well with the registration of its customers, national retail manager Amos Tepi says.
He was responding to questions on how, being a relatively new player to the telecommunications market, its registration exercise was not as taxing as it may be for other companies in the sector.
“You are correct in saying that. That is why Nicta (National Information and Communication and Technology Authority) has the deadline for next year and it is to make sure everyone is registered,” Tepi said.
“It is for us as well but not too much as it is for others as we are more compliant already with all our recent subscribers already registered when they get SIM cards from us. The subscribers elsewhere are the main targets for this exercise who got SIM cards a while back and have to come back and register.
“The others have to go through the process of getting their old subscribers to be registered with them and that may be an issue of meeting the deadline in time for them.
“We are confident of our subscribers being all registered come the deadline next year.”

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