New debit card allows Tisa members to access savings


TEACHERS Savings and Loans Society members can access their savings through any Bank South Pacific Eftpos machine with a new debit card.
Group chief executive Michael Koisen said they were aware that the challenges of financial inclusion continued to affect the people, especially in rural areas.
“They don’t have to travel long distances to spend money and time to reach out to us. The new product will digitise the service we provide,” he said.
Koisen said under its brand name Tisa, the Yumi debit card was expected to strengthen the connection between Tisa and its members.
“It will contribute to improving the quality of their lives and their families and their communities in which they serve,” he said.
A YumiCard is a domestic debit card issued to members that is linked to their Tisa Yumi account. It gives safe and convenient access to money deposited in their Yumi account.
“We continue to use technology as a powerful driver and platform to develop products and channels of delivery in our quest to better serve our peopl,” Koisen said.
He said they were confident that the product would support the national Government’s and Bank of Papua New Guinea’s financial inclusion strategy, and will contribute to the financial wealth of the people.
“This product will fundamentally change the way our members and their families interact with Tisa and how we deliver services to them.” Koisen said.
The new debit card will enable Tisa members to access their savings through any BSP ATM or Eftpos machine throughout the country to buy goods and services locally, check account balance at BSP ATMs, withdraw cash from ATMs, pay for goods and withdraw cash through BSP Eftpos machine.


  • This Yumi Debit Card initiative is a very good strategy to assist our poor teachers back in the remote areas throughout PNG to have easy access to their TISA Servings transactions.

    Congratulations to TISA PNG.

  • This is great news to the members of Teachers Savings & loan. I’m happy to be part of the changes and development currently taking place

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