New flex card pricing customers’ wish: Digicel


NEW flex card pricing and other product innovations in recent months is part of Digicel’s strategy in being more relevant to customer needs, according Digicel chief executive officer Valde Ferradaz.
He told The National that pricing adjustments and further product innovations were underway as a result of the company “listening to customers”.
“Our customers are saying to us that at times they only have K2 or less and need to communicate and there are customers who are rural coffee farmers who are saying that I need a phone that can last for eight days and a package that allows them constant communication with buyers when going out rural with no access to power and other customers with their needs,” Ferradaz said.
“We looked at that and saw that there was a need for denominations that is in line with cash availability in the market. Listening to customers is what is driving this and we are getting that right by aligning our products to their needs.
“Our pricing will continue to improve and our innovations as well where in the last month we launched new products and there’s a lot more coming up.”


  • I want to know the axact retail price for 3 & 5 flex because currently I am thinking of purchasing more then 500 flex cards so kindly pleading if you can give me your retail price..

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