New govt policy planned to give youths new hope

Youth & Careers

THE Government will try to address youth-related issues in the 10-year national youth policy.
The aim of the policy is not to leave anyone behind, said the acting director-general of the National Youth Development Authority, Reuben Akia.
“We want to move youths forward. The policy will be the voice of young people,” Akia said.
“The government is mindful of the different categories of youths with their problems.
“So it is trying its best to listen to all youths and implement plans captured in the Alotau Accord One and Two for youth development.”
It replaces the national youth policy 2007-2017.
Akia said youths have the right to question the authority if the policy was not implemented or working well for them.
“The policy outcome gives focus on the types of youth programmes to be rolled out in the country. The policy is for everyone and will need a combined effort from every stakeholder for its implementation.”

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