New health plan to focus on services, systems, issues

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THE crux of the new national health plan (2011-20) will be focused on two main themes for the good health of the nation.
And the new health plan is to be structured to reflect the national strategic plans of the Government.
The two themes identified are improving service delivery and strengthening health systems aimed at addressing priority health issues.
That has been highlighted at the second regional two-day consultative workshop held in Goroka for the Highlands region which started yesterday.
Mark Mauludu, deputy secretary for Health, national health policy and corporate services, in his opening address outlining the purpose of the regional consultation, said the aim of the new national health plan is to make a difference to the health of the people by 2020.
Mr Mauludu said every region, province, district, stakeholder and partner by the end of day must said contribute to develop and implement the plan with pride.
The major players in implementing the health plan are the provinces and the districts, he added.
Mr Mauludu said having a single health plan is a resolution passed in this year’s national health conference.
He said the first meeting was held in Milne Bay for the Southern region and the other two regions would be covered this month.
“We want everyone to come out openly and share experiences and thoughts that can be considered and integrated in developing the new plan,” he added.
Elizabeth Gumbageti, the executive manager for strategic policy, said the executive management team of the Health Department is taking leadership in developing the new national health plan.
Mrs Gumbageti said the new health plan was very important that it was structured to be in-line with the national government strategic plan 2050.
“It is our role in implementing the Government policies and our health sector plan should reflect and be in line with the strategic plan and directives of the Government.”
She said the new national health plan will be lean, readable, and would come in two volumes.
The difference in the new health plan would be to focus on highest priorities in health which are HIV/STIs, tuberculosis, malaria, cancers, maternal and child health, lifestyle diseases, trauma and violence, population growth and climate change impacts.