New high school receives K1.8mil


The new Wantoat High School in Morobe became K1.8 million richer during its opening by Education Minister Nick Kuman last week.
The school was supported with funding to infrastructure and commitments from leaders of different levels of government, totaling K1.8 million.
The Morobe government gave K700,000, Markham district development authority K100,000 and Kuman committed a fully-kitted
K1 million science laboratory.
“I will put in by next year a K1 million fully-kitted science laboratory,” he said.
“A high school and secondary school in each district will receive the lab.
“Wantoat will be the high school to receive the science lab in Markham.”
Head teacher Ben Jacob highlighted the school’s challenges to local, district, provincial and national government officials including Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra, and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu.
Jacob also spoke about the new school’s challenges of electricity and water to Markham MP Koni Iguan, deputy provincial administrator (corporate governance and management) Miring Singoling and deputy administrator (social services) Robin Bazzinuc. “We face problem with power, so students and teachers use candles and torches,” he said.
“There is no water supply in school. Dormitories, staff houses, and classrooms are incomplete.
“We face transport and road challenges.
“There are issues with funding, so we depend entirely on parents for support.”
Iguan said Markham was ready to help Government implement the one-six-six policy, by using its
K2 million of district services improvement programme funds for education in the district.
“Markham is ready,” he said.
“We are opening Wantoat today, and will start Onga-Wafa and support Ragiampun Adventist High School next year.
“All three LLGs must have high schools, which two already have.
“Once Onga-Wafa comes onboard, we’ll push for secondary status in Wantoat.”
Morobe government under former governor Kelly Naru funded establishment of the high school with K5 million.
It is still maintaining its support to the new high school with K700,000 funding from governor Saonu.

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