New housing ideas

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The National, Wednesday 1st May 2013


HOUSING Minister Paul Isikiel has brought back from South Korea new ideas on how to address problems in the national housing scheme.

He described the trip as “very successful”.

He said Lae that South Korea held the answers to PNG’s erratic public housing scheme.

He said there were problems facing the National Housing Corporation on provide affordable accommodation for the 60,000-plus public servants in the country.      

“We are now going big on our concept of build, share and serve in which ANZ is a financial partner,” he said.

“But we also aim to encourage the concept of ownership where tenants and customers are required to put up an equity of K300,000.

 “The overall idea is to build and offer more affordable accommodation to everyone in the country.”

The Markham MP also mentioned the Markham oil palm as another local project which could be developed further.

He could not give details as he is expected to table in parliament  a report on the specific projects and the Korean contractor.